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You Guys know what? This is just my Tumblr that I use for the randomest shit. :D Also I love all you guys that follow me for some reason, and if don't follow...I still ♥ you =^.^=

Me In Biology Class

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Me: Oh hey! I GOT7 as my seat number

Me: Oh look! The fan says “Galaxy”

Friend: It’s the Galaxy Fan Fan

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Male Idols cross-dress (Daesung beats them all)




left 2013 cute

entered 2014 cute

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what do you call a cow on grass?


*deletes blog* *sets myself on fire*


i swear i choke on regret every night

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Go ahead and say I’m being a “Typical” annoying Blackjack, I don’t care. But I find it very unfair that CL got a shit ton of hate and criticism for wearing a bathing suit outfit on stage, while Jessica did it recently and didn’t get any kind of hate. In matter of fact she got praises and compliments. I’m not saying that I dislike Jessica or saying anything negative about her or her group, I’m just saying I dislike the fact that CL had to deal with all these put downs and crucial messages, when Jessica did the same thing and got no insults. Classy or not that’s just not cool bro.

Pink Diamond