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♥♛The wonderful world of Kpop♛♥

You Guys know what? This is just my Tumblr that I use for the randomest shit. :D Also I love all you guys that follow me for some reason, and if don't follow...I still ♥ you =^.^=

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Happy birthday to Bangtan’s one and only Park Jimin! Uh, I didn’t add everything I had in mind to this little comic I made, but yeah. Keep being the little cutie you are today, Jimin! I ♡ you!


Me In Biology Class

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Me: Oh hey! I GOT7 as my seat number

Me: Oh look! The fan says “Galaxy”

Friend: It’s the Galaxy Fan Fan

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Male Idols cross-dress (Daesung beats them all)




left 2013 cute

entered 2014 cute

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what do you call a cow on grass?


*deletes blog* *sets myself on fire*


i swear i choke on regret every night

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Pink Diamond